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The Long Way Home


Dean and I dropped both kids off at college and headed home to an empty nest for the first time.  We decided to take the long way home and embarked on a jouney starting in the desert out of Redlands, California, up Highway 395, along the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and into the high country of Yosemite.  Our feelings of transition were matched by the landscape we traveled.


The vast emptiness of the open desert.


The harsh ruggedness

of the Alabama Hills.


The displacement of the internees

at Mazanar and the community they found.


The instinct of the gulls to return to the surreal landscape of Mono Lake.


The inspiring majesty

of the mountain peaks.


The comforting welcome of meadows and streams.


The peace and reflection of still waters.

Shadow of Things to Come
Window to the Future
Desert and Sky
Heart of Stone
Big Red
View From Manzinar
The Long Road
Purple Mountains, Yellow Flowers
Hint of Mono Lake
Tufa Sentinils
Meadow Meditation
Precious Waters
The Band
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