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Take the Time


Exploring the San Mateo Coast


I go to the coast, where ocean meets land

and my busy life slips away.

The rhythm of the waves is the soft background music.

The breeze and clear air provide

the oxygen that I breathe.

Everywhere is evidence of the softening

and smoothing of the world.

I ask you to come with me, to stop,

And to truly see the wonders all around you.

The wind and the waves have painted

and sculpted the rocks.

The ocean has delivered treasures

of shells and smooth stones.

A single feather, a feathery bit of seaweed,

And the joyous dance of a wave. 

Floating on Waves
The Tracks of Sea and Sky
Crown Jewel
Look to the Sky
At Your Feet
Purple Crab
Dancing Wave
Floating on Waves
The Tracks of Sky and Sea
Crown Jewel
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