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Poem 3 - Communion at Round Valley UMC

Celebrating the connection of the UMC. This week is Annual Conference both LAUMC and RVUMC should be there. I know LAUMC is, don't really know the status of Round Valley.

Communion at Round Valley UMC

We had driven too long, too far, too tired,

when it started to drizzle. We arrived

at the promised campsite and

found it,

padlocked and posted:

“Closed for the Season”.

The dilapidated motor court in town

beyond repair, beyond comfort, appeared

to have been left to the vermin.

There was a church, could we find shelter there?

The church, old and small,

the border between town and reservation,

filled with light, joy, a bingo game and

a welcoming minister,

He calmed us and sent us out back with

assurances that he would leave

the building open, the lights on and

All was well.

The minister’s wife

or perhaps, an angel,


She brought the elements,

icy cold milk and chocolate chip cookies.

We shared the Sacrament of Welcome.

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