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Shadow Play!

When Watson and I took a walk the other day, I took lots of pictures

of . . . . . nothing? In fact, on our, just over a mile, walk that took most of an hour, I took something like 90 pictures and since they were pictures of shadows, in some respects they don't exist! So, I was taking pictures of nothing. Here's Watson, ready to go. He's my personal trainer and therapist, taking me for a walk and talk everyday.

Shadows and concrete! Might be pretty boring but there's really a lot to enjoy. Concrete really isn't just boring grey but has a bit of color and texture in it.

Our lives are like that too. The shadows can add interest and if we look closely enough there is a lot of interest and color to our lives.

The shadows are constantly changing. In 5 minutes the sun will be in a different place, clouds might hide the sun and remove the shadows, a breeze might move the plants.

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