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Take the picture when you see it!

Watson and I have been walking over this street art for close to 3 years. Everytime I see it I think that I must get a picture of it before it is gone! Time and a bit of construction have worn away that the message so the time came that I finally got my act together and took the picture! Don't wait for the right time, the right light, the perfect angle-take the picture when you see it! before it is gone! You can go back and improve on it but if you don't go ahead and take the picture you may get nothing. I have a similar theory about seeds. If the seed doesn't get planted, it won't grow. If the seed gets planted there is hope. I have dug 3" wide slots to plant my corn in the past (not the way to plant corn). I got a small crop of corn that year but I did get some!

The art in the image above is created in black electrical tape. It reads (or did read):

"Good morning!

Go on an adventure!

Make a stranger smile!

E.N. N.C."

Here's another streetside picture. It will be gone when the trash is picked up tomorrow! I thought the pink flowers added a festive touch! No time for perfection so here it is.....

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